Gihan Tubbeh (1984) is a photographer and visual artist...

Gihan Tubbeh (1984) is a photographer and visual artist based in Lima, Peru. 

Her work revolves around the poetics of time in relation to the territory; a poetic archeology in search for hidden signs and rhythms engraved in the landscape. Her images intend to capture the echoes of something immeasurably larger than our footprints in the landscape. The rumor of an indecipherable codified language; a secret writing that sometimes allow harmonies to emerge. Triggered by impossible questions, Gihan exposes signs and enigmas, with no explicit narratives in search of a vocabulary closer to poetry and music than to visual references. Inherent to nature and imprinted in the landscape, violence is a force before all, a vehicle between death and new life. A mythical terrain that reminds us, that nature acts as a mother who creates everything and destroys everything.

After studying cinema and photography in the Peruvian capital, she is selected to join Joop Swart Masterclass from World Press Photo, and later selected by nomination to join Reflexions Masterclass -focused on photography and visual arts- over a 3-year time lapse in different locations across Europe, holding multiple meetings in order to develop projects. 

Her work has earned international recognition, including awards from World Press Photo (1st prize), Pictures of the Year International (Photographer of the Year). Recently, she is awarded 1st prize of Premio Pampa Energía FOLA (Latin American Photography Competition) and selected as one of the Magnum Foundation Fund grantees (project in collaboration with Roberto Huarcaya and Martín Weber). 

Tubbeh’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous museums, galleries, and art centers such as MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art in L.A., the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, Casa de las Américas in Madrid, FOLA Fototeca Latinoamericana in Buenos Aires, among others. She has participated in numerous international festivals of photography such as Les Recontres d'Arles (France), Angkor Festival (Cambodia), Noorderlicht Festival (Netherlands), Paraty em Foco (Brazil), Dali International Photography Festival (China), Foro Latinoamericano de Fotografía de Sao Paulo (Brazil), PhotoIreland (Dublin, Ireland), Monat der Fotografie (Germany), and others.

Gihan Tubbeh

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