De tiempo en tiempo un volcán estalla

DE TIEMPO EN TIEMPO UN VOLCÁN ESTALLA  [From time to time a volcano explodes]

De tiempo en tiempo un volcán estalla  suggests an allegorical journey to the feminine condition within the universe through a poetic construction found more likely at the heart of a cosmogony, by associating insignia of nature with the human and animal kingdom. Through a metaphorical elaboration, I attempt to elevate the feminine condition of the earth as nucleus of fertility and generation of life, without ceasing to confront us with its accidents and capacity of destruction. Praised through visual rhymes, where ancestral wisdom is immortalized, and primordial memory is treasured, the territory reminds us to pause and wonder. How knowledge comes within us? How the otherness can be so close? How much have the rocks heard?

Nature speaks as an eruption of being, reminiscing heritage where ancestors, archetypes and arcana meet again, and although myths do not exist, they are permanently happening.